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All For Harvest Maximum Yields

We strive to provide the best LED grow lighting solutions for horticultural applications. We make sure to provide our customers with reliable, powerful, and unique products that help plants boost growth and enhance harvest. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating top-notch lighting solutions have made us a leader in the industry. We are proud to offer the latest technologies and products to our customers across the globe.

Our Story

HortiBloom is one company who only focus on horticultural LED lighting industry and only produce top rank led grow lights, we’re founded as early as in 2010, the well known diamond and platinum series led grow lights were designed by our team. We’re the first company who released cob led grow lights mixing cob and red & blue module to output optimum spectrum in 2015 which was our SOLO line. After that we released full cob led grow light, that’s LUMA line, then PARMOR, MEGA. MEGA Pro, MEGA Plus and MEGA Eco.

We respect original design, we have our own design team with innovative concepts to make our grow lights always unique on market. Even for now it’s very easy to tell our lights from various grow lights on market, which also help bring more and more customers to work with us to design and develop something special and unique, as our team always have professional and innovative ideas, furthermore we know what growers really need for lighting.


We use top rank materials and top brand led chips to get highest grow performance for lighting, we like to join in testing challenge to find out shortage of our lights and improve it, up to now we never lose in PPFD comparison testing with all top brand led grow lights on market.

We do OEM and ODM for more than 200 top distributors all over the world, we're proud that many professional grow hobbyists are still satisfied with the performance of the lamps produced 5 years ago by us.

HortiBloom is an open team, we like to discuss with growers on everything about grow lighting, we like to share our thoughts on lights and we’re sure we can help growers grow better yields, all our job is to make the best grow lights and help plants boost growth and enhance yields, so go with us, let's do the lighting job for you!

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