HortiBloom Team was founded in 2005, the whole team members own more than 6 year old experience in led grow light manufacturing. We experienced the first 5 years when led grow lighting technology developed and improved really fast, meanwhile we have provided OEM service for more than 20 famous distributors all over the world, we're proud that many professional grow hobbyists are still satisfied with the performance of the lamps produced by us up to now.


In order to develop more classic lights with awesome performance, we gathered many industry elite then established HortiBloom. At present we own 2 modern workshops and 8 production lines as well as 80 skilled workers. We cooperate with national top industry university and share scientific research. We're dedicated to provide the best user experience and we extremely value our product reviews from our users, so every time before we launch a new light, we would ask some of our regular clients who are  professional growers to try out our lights for free, then we will discuss all details and problems which can be improved and solved.


HortiBloom is an open team, we welcome people who want to share your design idea, user experience and any other question to help us develop more great products.



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