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Mega Optic 600W LED Grow Light

Mega Optic 600W LED Grow Light

Mega Optic is our newest product line, which featuring custom optic lenses that are specifically designed for horticultural lighting. Unlike traditional lenses, the Mega Optic lenses allow for 2-3 times more LED diodes to be installed, resulting in a higher efficacy of up to 3.2 μmol/J  and stronger light penetration, reaching depths of up to 4 feet. This ensures that plants at the bottom receive ample lighting. Additionally, the upgraded spectrum enhances the yields, making Mega Optic the most advanced LED grow lights available in the market. Our product line includes various wattage options ranging from 350W to 1200W, catering to different grow space requirements. Don't settle for less when you can have the best with Mega Optic.

MEGA OPTIC 600W LED Grow Light



Unique design with uniform PPFD over 5’X5’

Top Bin Samsung LM281b pro & osram Blue and DR Leds

High Efficacy 3.2 umol/J

Equivalent to 800w HPS with 25% energy savings

Optimum Full-Spectrum for the whole grow cycle

IP65 for working in a damp environment

Best PAR output with the best PPFD to beat any other lights a the same power draw

Quick and easy installation to save time and labor

UL listed driver for longer lifespan



LED Brand: Samsung & Osram

LED Configuration: 2700pcs Samsung lm281b+ pro,36pcs 450nm,36pcs 630nm,36pcs 730nm,108pcs 660nm chips

Max Input Power:  600w

Efficacy:  3.2 umol/J

PPF: 1920 umol/s

Lighting Coverage: 4’X4’-5’X5’

Mounting Height: 18’’-36’’

HID Replacement: 800w HPS/MH

Beam Angle: 90 degree

Input Voltage: 110-277V

Dimension: 42.8’’X42.8’’X1.6’’

Weight: 25.3 lbs

Dimming:  0-100% dimmer knob

Smart Control:  0-10V RJ port

IP rate: IP65 for damp location

Heat output: 2047 BTU/h

Warranty: 5 years


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