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Mega Pro 800 LED Grow Light

Mega Pro 800 LED Grow Light

Mega Pro 800 is one grow bar style led grow light whose beam angle can be adjustable to fit different grow space and grow stage. 4 quantum bars are attached to 1 driver case, and each quantum bar can be replaced for update or replacement. Each quantum bar can adjust beam angle, will ouput very powerful and even PPFD spreading over 4'x4' grow space .

MEGA PRO 800 LED Grow Light

  • Adjustable Beam Angle
  • Samsung LM301B/H & Osram Horticulture 660nm leds
  • Highest 2.8 μmol/J efficacy
  • 2240 μmol/s PPF
  • Best Coverage for 4'x4'/120cm x 120cm footprint
  • Equivalent to 1000W HPS/HID/MH for energy saving
  • High Efficacy LED Grow Light with Optimum Spectrum
  • Best PAR output with best PPFD to beat any other lights at the same power draw
  • IP 65 for long term working in damp location
  • Inventroincs Drivers for longer lifespan and better MTBF
  • No fans no noise
  • 3 KG Heat Sink Reduces Heat by over 50% vs Others
  • Custom Designed Heatsink for optimal Air Flow
  • Environmentally friendly (No Mercury)
  • Driver can be mounted outside of tent
  • Global Free Shipping 
  • 5 years warranty

LED Configuration Option:

  • 1440x Samsung LM301 & 80x Osram 660nm leds
  • 3072x Samsung TOYODA GOSEI & 128 x Osram 660nm leds


  • Core Coverage 4′ x 4′/120cm x 120cm


  • Max Power Draw: 800w
  • PPF: 2240 μmol/s
  • Efficiency: 2.8 μmol/J
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-270V, 277-480V can be optional


Product Dimensions

  • 35.4″L x 35.4″W x 7.9″H/90cm x 90cm x 20cm
  • Weight: 44lbs/20kg


Package Includes:

  • 4 x MEGA PRO 200w Quantum Bars
  • 1 x 800W MeanWell Driver Case
  • 1 x 10ft power cord with international plugs
  • 2 x hanging kits
  • 2 x /8" Heavy Duty Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger 


Attention please:

  • Extremely bright, do not look directly at the LED bars when the light is on.
  • Surrounding temperature: MUST be less than 40℃.
  • Turn off power before assembling and installation.
  • Can be controlled by Timer.



  • Horticulture LED Grow Lighting
  • Artificial LED Grow Lighting
  • Greenhouse LED Grow Lighting
  • Hydroponics LED Grow Lighting
  • Medical plants LED Grow Lighting
  • Indoor LED Grow Lighting



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